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Hospice Center of Charleston
Hospice Center of Charleston
Hospice Center of Charleston

The Hospice Center is the inpatient facility of Hospice of Charleston, a Gentiva company, and is designed to meet the needs of patients and their families when they are unable to manage the disease process, its impact in the home, as well as respite and end of life care.

The hospice program recognizes the emotional and physical strains that caring for a person with an advanced disease can place on family members. The program seeks to ease those pains, to provide spiritual assistance and supportive care to those bearing the burden. The patients and their families are the focus of Hospice Care.

Pain and Symptom Management
Sometimes the progression of the disease causes an increase in pain or symptoms that become difficult to treat in the home. Patients can be admitted to the Hospice Center to provide optimal control of the pain and/or other symptoms. Using the Hospice Center for symptom management will decrease the need for frequent hospitalizations and the patient is treated in a quiet, specialized setting. Once the symptoms are under control, a patient may go home if able.

Patient's Wishes
Hospice of Charleston tries to honor the last wishes of patients and their families. For some, this is the desire to not die in the home. The Hospice Center is ideally suited for admitting the patient during crisis or transitions that arise during their disease process.

Respite Care
The Hospice of Charleston Hospice Center will also admit patients for up to a five-day respite period. Hospice of Charleston recognizes the needs of both patients and families, which can mean allowing caregivers a much-needed break and an opportunity to care for themselves, preventing burnout. This feature also may be utilized if the family needs to attend an event out of town.

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Directions to the Hospice Center
From Summerville area and west beyond I-26/I-526 intersection;
  • Take I-26 East to I-526, take Exit 212-C (526 East) toward Mt. Pleasant
  • Go 10.1 miles, crossing 2 bridges, into Mt. Pleasant and take the first Mt. Pleasant Exit 28, to Long Point Road. Turn right at the exit traffic light onto Long Point Road.
  • Turn right immediately at the next traffic light onto Wando Park Blvd. Go 0.7 miles, the Hospice Center is on your left at 676 Wando Park Blvd. (street numbers may not be in order and your GPS will not get you there).

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The inpatient facility of Hospice of Charleston Inc. is designed to meet the needs of patients and their families when they are unable to manage the disease process and its impact in the home.
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